Speaking the Truth in Love

Speaking the Truth in Love

Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

 Satan uses many things in this life to cause to worry, be filled with anxiety, and live in fear from many things. Tonight we want to explore the idea that comes from 1 John 4:18. In this passage it is stated that “perfect love casts out fear”. Our focus will be on a number of Bible examples of people who put their faith in God rather than in the fear of man.


Biblical Examples:

Satan uses many things to tempt us to fear. Government loss of freedom, our fear of declining health or getting sick, the threat of our physical lives, and what bad things might happen when we stand for the Lord and confront those who are lost. These are all misplaced fears. If Satan can convince us to give in to our fears rather than to be obedient to God, a soul has been lost eternally! These great biblical examples are of those who perfected their love for God to the point that they were able to cast out the fears of this world from their lives. To be faithful to God we must fear Him who has the control of our souls in His hand (Psalm 1:1-3Matthew 10:28).  


We encourage you in our audience to be like these great examples and properly place your fears. Fear, respect, and obey the Lord enough that you are willing to sacrifice for Him while you walk on the earth He created for you! Trust Him when you are faced with the temptation to give into fear. Love Him who first loved you. Jesus cast out His fears and temptations to fear by trusting, loving, and obeying His Heavenly Father (Mark 12:29-311 Peter 2:18-251 John 4:17-19). Let us all do the same!


If you are not a Christian tonight, you are faced with the fear of the Judgment Day. Why not cast out that fear and obey God today by repenting of your sins and being baptized to wash away those sins. Then, if you are faithful and obedient to the Lord, there is nothing in this life to fear that can take away your home in Heaven (Romans 8:38-39Hebrews 13:5-6)!


We want you to consider these things and do what God asks of you. We want to help in any way we can. Please contact us by telephone, e-mail, or simply come to one of our assemblies. We want to make it to Heaven and our mission is to help others find that way too! We hope to see you next time on “Speaking The Truth In Love” in two weeks on April 21 at 8pm when we hope to study the topic of “What Made Daniel, Noah, and Job Righteous?