Speaking the Truth in Love

Speaking the Truth in Love

Genesis Chapters 26 & 27

We plan a verse by verses study of Genesis Chapters 26 & 27. Please have your Bibles ready!


  • Isaac moves to Gerar due to the famine (26:1-6)

a.The Lord directs him as to where he should and should not go

b.The Lord reiterates His promise to his father Abraham

  • Isaac lies to Abimelech about Rebekah (26:7-12)

a.Abraham did the exact same thing to Abimelech when he passed through the land (Gen. 20:1-14)

b.In both instances Abimelech acted more righteously

  • Isaac is blessed by the Lord (26:13-17)

a.Reaped one hundredfold in one year

b.Became so rich that he was envied by an entire nation (Philistines)

c.Was asked to leave the land because of his power

  • Quarrels over the wells (26:18-25)

a.Has to re-dig and fight for the wells of his father Abraham

b.The Lord speaks to him and reassures him in a difficult situation

  • Abimelech returns to Isaac (26:26-35)

a.Abimelech recognizes the hand of the Lord in Isaac’s life

b.On the same day Isaac’s servants find water

The Lord’s encouragement a few verses prior have come true with the water and the covenant with Abimelech


  • The deception of Jacob (27:1-29)
    • Jacob is near death and asks Esau to bring him some game in order to bless him
    • Rebekah overhears the conversation and develops a plan with Isaac to deceive Jacob
      • Brings Jacob meat from a goat
      • Uses the goat hair to make Jacob think that he is Esau
      • Isaac lies several times to his father (vs. 19, 24)
  • The realization and consequences of the stolen blessing (27:30-46)
    • Esau comes in from hunting and he and his father realize what Isaac had done
    • Isaac had already taken the birthright from Esau, now he has taken his blessing
    • Jacob couldn’t undo what he had given to Isaac
    • Esau was angry to the point of wanting to kill his brother
    • Rebekah learns of Esau’s plans and warns Isaac to flee


Jesus now invites all people to be of the chosen children of the King; heirs of blessings now and blessings to come forever in Heaven (Galatians 3:26-4:7). Do not be like Esau who despised his birthright and lost his inheritance. Be like the Galatians who put on Christ in baptism and become an heir of God through Jesus Christ! We hope to see you next time on “Speaking The Truth In Love”!