Speaking the Truth in Love

Speaking the Truth in Love

Faithful Women of the Bible

I would like to focus our program tonight on lessons we can learn from faithful women of the Bible. We all can learn from women, mothers, sisters, daughters, and wives; even more so when these women are Christians (1 Corinthians 11:1Titus 2:3-51 Peter 3:1-2

You probably know many women who do a lot for you. They should not be taken for granted. Look at some Proverbs that speak of the value of a wife (Proverbs 31:10, 12:4, 18:22, 19:14

We need to show them how much we appreciate them. And I am not talking necessarily about gifts, birthdays, and anniversaries. These times are important, but by simply giving them a hug once in a while, treating them kindly even though you have had a bad day, telling them thank you, lending them a hand when they are having a bad day, sincerely praising them, providing for them, making the home a peaceful place, holding the door for them, etc.. We all need to appreciate women that do so much for us. 

Examples from the Bible

1. Sarah - submission and obedience to Abraham (1 Peter 3:1-6Genesis 18:12). The example for Christian wives to submit to their husbands, even when they do not obey God's Word. Unconditional service. 

On PBS recently there was a program that focused on some ladies from North Platte, Nebraska. During WW2 there was a train stop there for all the military men going back and forth to their assignments. The servicemen would have about 10 minutes to get off the train and during that time the ladies would have any kind of food imaginable waiting for them. These women would prepared food for hundreds of servicemen each day for a total of 6 million served. They Voluntarily gave their food and time to show the servicemen their appreciation. The servicemen had been giving unselfishly to protect the freedom the ladies enjoyed and they wanted to show their appreciation. Decades later many of the servicemen, with tears in their eyes, fondly remembered these ladies. 

The attitude of Sarah is to love her husband, not looking for anything in return. When a woman does that and then the husband gives back the same way > you have a recipe for a great marriage! 

2. Mary Magdalene - looking for the Savior (Luke 24:1-12Mark 16:9-11John 20:1-18) - She found Him and then told others where He was - We need to have this zeal to share Jesus with others!. Are you looking for a Savior tonight? Do you need to have your sins washed away? Only Jesus can do that. Be like Mary and look for Him > then you will find Him! 

A note - When Jesus was arrested and all the disciples forsook Him (Mark 14:50), it does not appear that the ladies did this (Luke 23:49, 55-56, Mark 15:40-41). Let us be like these ladies and never forsake our Lord! 

3. Hannah's willing sacrifice in obedience (1 Sam 1:11, 20, 26-28, 1 Peter 2:5). The Lord requires Christians to sometimes endure sacrifice (2 Tim 3:12Rom 8:18, 28, 1 Peter 2:5). Hannah gave up Samuel willingly, rejoiced about it, and the Lord blessed her greatly (5 more kids) (1 Sam 2:18-21). It is one thing to obey a hard command, it is quite another to obey the hard command gladly and happily (1 Samuel 2:1-10 - Hannah's prayer of praise and thanksgiving). Let us be glad to make sacrifices for the Lord and He will bless us richly! 

4. Phoebe's service (Romans 16:1-2) - Women need to be active in the Lord's work. There are many things that need to be done, if you just take the time to look around. One of the best things women can do is to teach younger women Godly priorities (Titus 2:3-5)

5. Martha's confession - learned priorities (Luke 10:38-42John 11:5, 23-44). We need to always look at ourselves and make sure our priorities (the most important things) are those of the Lord. 

6. Mary's humility with Jesus (John 11:1-2, 32, Luke 10:39-42) - Mary had chosen the Words of Jesus over helping Martha. Mary humbled herself at Jesus' feet; which Martha did not do. When we meet Jesus, do we humble ourselves to Him and His Will (James 4:10)? We need to remember Luke 17:10

7. Mary, the mother of Jesus - forgiveness - We know that Mary was a special women as she was chosen to bear Jesus in her womb. I want us to focus on just one of her virtues for a moment. Jesus on the cross, Mary sees the jews responsible, on Pentecost, many of those same jews are converted including her, then she was a member of the Jerusalem church where many jews who had crucified her son were members (John 19:25-27Acts 1:14Acts 2). She would have had to forgive them. Mary shows the type of forgiveness that we all need to have and the type of forgiveness all man kind can have from our sin when we obey the Lord.

8. Lydia's obedience in baptism (Acts 16:11-15, 40, Romans 6:3-7

We need to learn from these women. Moms, sisters, wives, grandmothers, need to be appreciated by us all (men and women). We all need to be like the women we have talked about tonight. 

Now ask yourself a question; What would these women do if they knew that they needed to repent and be baptized in order to be saved? Do you think these women would put it off? Do you think these women would have hesitated to obey the commands of God? Or do you think they would obey immediately like Lydia and her household did? 

What is holding you back from becoming a Christian tonight? There are many places where there is plenty of water. We have plenty of people who want to help you and encourage you. We have plenty of time to baptize as many as want to be saved! Why not learn from these great women of God. Obey God with your whole heart and decide to live for Him (Galatians 2:20). There is no other way to be forgiven of your sins or to be able to go to Heaven. Jesus said "I am the Way the Truth and the Life no one comes to the Father except through me" John 14:6. Obey before it is too late! 

We hope you follow the example of these Godly women. We also hope to see you next time on Speaking the Truth in Love!