Speaking the Truth in Love

Speaking the Truth in Love

Are Babies Born in Sin?

Babies being born in sin is commonly known as the doctrine of "original sin." Also, it is known as "hereditary total depravity." The doctrine simply stated is the belief that Adam and Eve's sin (the original sin) is transmitted to all who are born into this world. Supposedly, all who are born into this world inherit Adam's sin. 

Babies are not born in sin as is shown in the following Scriptures. 

1. Sin is breaking God's Law.

Each individual becomes a sinner when he breaks God's law. 1 John 3:4

One becomes guilty of sin when he responds to temptation. James 1:13-14

People become servants of sin because they present themselves as servants of sin. Rom. 6:16-19 

2. Sin is not passed on to others. Ezek. 18:20

There is a difference between inheriting the "guilt" of Adam's sin and inheriting the "consequences" of Adam's sin. Mankind has inherited the consequences of Adam's sin; e.g., pain sickness, and death. However, we do not inherit the "guilt" of Adam's sin. We a man commits murder, we do not put his son on trial for the murder. Why? Because only the guilty are responsible for their own sins. 

3. We are to become like little children.

Little children are innocent because they do not know the difference between good and evil. Isa. 7:15-16

Matt. 19:13-14Luke 18:16-17 - Is Jesus saying that we should become like little sinners? 

Jeremiah 19:4-5Psalm 106:37-38 - In sacrificing babies to idols, they shed innocent blood. If babies inherit Adam's sin, they would not be innocent. 

4. Out of this doctrine comes infant baptism. 

An infant is not a subject of the baptism ordained by God in His Holy Word. 

1. First, a candidate for baptism must be a hearer of the Word of God (Rom. 10:17Acts 2:22, 37; 15:7). 

2. He must be taught and he must learn the will of God. (John 6:45). 

3. Furthermore, one must believe the gospel before being baptized. (Mark 16:16). 

4. Another prerequisite to baptism is repentance.(Acts 2:38). 

5. A verbal confession of Christ is also necessary before baptism.(Rom. 10:9; see also Acts 8:37). 

Consequently, infants cannot be subjects for baptism because they cannot: (1) be taught of God, (2) believe, (3) repent, (4) confess. Those who baptize infants today are doing so against God's will. 

5. Each person will be judged by what he himself has done.

2 Cor. 5:10Rom. 14:12 - Only Adam will give account for what he did. Each of us will give account for ourselves, for what we ourselves have done. 

6. Many verses teach that we are able to choose to obey or disobey God.

All passages which give instructions are necessarily implying that man has the power to choose whether to respond or not respond. Joshua 24:15Rev. 22:17Heb. 11:25 

7. Did Jesus Inherit the Guilt of Adam's Sin?

Heb. 2:14-15; 4:15

If all babies are born into the world totally depraved, why wasn't Jesus born that way? Catholic theologians recognized this problem with reference to Mary the mother of Jesus; thus, they made up the doctrine of "Immaculate conception"; that is, Mary was free of original sin from the moment of her conception in her mother's womb. 

8. Original sin and Romans 5:19. 

Romans 5:19 is supposedly the proof text for original sin. It reads, "For as by one man's disobedience many were made sinners...." Hence, they say, "All are made sinners because they have inherited the sin of Adam." 

Please notice the remainder of the verse: "...So also by one Man's obedience many will be made righteous." Thus, if follows that if all are made sinners because of Adam, all are made righteous because of Christ. Is every single person who ever lived saved because of Christ?

Adam introduced certain things into the world and so did Christ. Adam introduced judgment to condemnation; and we receive it by our own disobedience. Christ introduced justification to life; and we receive it by our own obedience. Adam introduced disease into the world, but it does not mean that all are born with disease. It only means that all are subject to disease. Likewise, we are made liable to sin through Adam because he introduced sin into the world. 

9. Psalms 51:5 is supposedly another proof text for original sin.

Please notice that this verse says nothing about Adam, Adam's sin, or that David inherited the guilt of Adam's sin. The verse describes the guilt of his mother. His mother is the one who was guilty of sin and iniquity when she conceived him and brought him forth. The first part of the verse, in Hebrew parallelism, is explained by the last part of the verse. 

Consider parallel language in Acts 2:8. People were born in a native language or tongue. Did they speak a certain language because they were born with it? No, the people around them spoke it, so they soon learned it. Likewise, David was not guilty of sin from birth, but he was born into a sinful environment and into sinful influences. His mother was guilty of sin and so were all around him; thus, he soon learned to sin like one learns a language.

10. Conclusion.

As we can see from our study tonight, babies are not born in sin. We each sin when we give in to temptation (James 1:14-15). The only thing that can cleanse us of our sins is the blood of Jesus (1 Peter 1:17-19). The important thing we cannot overlook is that we will all be accountable for each and every sin that we commit (2 Corinthians 5:9-10). Are you ready tonight if you were to face the Lord in judgement? We hope to see you next time on "Speaking the Truth in Love".