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Catholic Teaching Examined

(Examining Catholic Teaching In The Light Of The Scriptures)

The rather long essays are indicated by the number of bytes in parentheses. Anyone wanting to respond can contact us at: DavidRiggs01@comcast.net

  1. All Christians Are Priests
  2. Bible Condemns Catholic Doctrine
  3. Bible Alone is the Standard
  4. Call None "Father"
  5. Can Priests Forgive Sins?
  6. Catholic Doctrine Contradicts the Bible and Is Condemned in the Bible
  7. Catholicism's True Attitude Toward the Bible (88,919 bytes)
  8. Christ, the Only Foundation and Head
  9. Debate, Riggs - Accetta (Roman Catholic) on Bible as Only Authority
  10. Debate, Riggs - Lopez (Roman Catholic) on Bible as Only Authority
  11. Did the Catholic Church Give Us the Bible? (23,685 bytes)
  12. Examining Catholic Successors (98,640 bytes)
  13. Gates of Hell
  14. Historical Succession Necessary?
  15. Immersion Versus Pouring
  16. Indulgences, Pope offers
  17. Infant Baptism
  18. Instrumental Music In Worship
  19. Is the Catholic Church Infallible? (54,239 bytes)
  20. Is the Catholic Church the Interpreter of the Bible? (51,516 bytes)
  21. Is the Bible a Catholic Book?
  22. Is the Bible Incomplete?
  23. Is the Bible Understandable?
  24. Is the Church Infallible?
  25. Mary - Is Mary A Co-Redeemer?
  26. Mary - The Development of Mariology
  27. Mary - "Ever Virgin"
  28. Mary - The Assumption of
  29. Mary - Mediatrix?
  30. Mary - New and Improved?
  31. Mary - An Object of Worship in Roman Catholicism
  32. New Testament Bishops
  33. Origin of the Catholic Church
  34. Pillar and Ground of Truth
  35. Pope, No Office in the Scriptures
  36. Pope, Outlandish Claims Made for the
  37. Pope, Papal Infallibility
  38. Pope, Was the Apostle Peter?
  39. Purgatory, Catholic Doctrine of
  40. Purgatory, Response to a Correction
  41. Transubsantiation
  42. Transubstantiation - Eating the Lord's Flesh and Drinking His Blood
  43. Which Group is the Great Apostasy Predicted in the Bible?
  44. Why I Left the Catholic Church by David J. Riggs (22,925 bytes)
  45. Why Do Catholics Oppose the Bible as the Only Standard?