Speaking the Truth in Love

Speaking the Truth in Love

The Temple of God

Tonight we would like to study about “The Temple of God”. We want to look at the Israelite Temple from the Old Testament, the New Testament Spiritual Temple, and then finally the Everlasting Temple of God in Heaven.

Let’s start with a passage in Psalm 23:6. This verse speaks about “The House of the Lord” which applies to all the temples we will be studying tonight.


The Israelite Temple of God:

 · Built by Solomon, where the presence of God was (1 Kings 5:3 6:11-22)

 · Dedicated by Solomon (1 Kings 8:22-272 Chronicles 7:1-3)

 · Would be destroyed and end worship there (Mark 14:58,15:38John 4:21-24)


The New Testament Temple of God is of a Spiritual Nature:

 · Circumcision is now of the heart (Romans 2:28-29)

 · Christians are now the Temple of God and expected not to defile themselves, but rather keep

    themselves holy (1 Corinthians 3:16-17, 6:19-20)

 · God dwells in the Christian Temple of God (2 Corinthians 6:161 Timothy 3:15)

 · This Temple of God is built on the foundation of the prophets and apostles, with Christ as Chief

    Cornerstone (Ephesians 2:19-22)

 · The temple of God now is the Body of Christ (Christians, priests), who are to offer up spiritual

    sacrifices (1 Peter 2:4-5, 9-10)


The Everlasting Temple of God:

 · This temple is where God is (2 Samuel 22:7)

 · Jesus (the Lamb) is greater than any physical temple (Matthew 12:6)

 · The Throne of God and The Lamb are to be in New Jerusalem; the Heavenly Temple of God

    (Revelation 3:12, 7:15-17, 21:1-8, 21:22-22:5)



For Christians in our audience tonight:

 · Can you look in the mirror and say you are living your life as a Temple of God?

    (2 Corinthians 13:5James 1:23-27).

 · Are you keeping yourself pure, offering spiritual sacrifices each day for the Lord, and shining the Light

    of Jesus as one of His sanctified priests?


For those who have not repented of their sins and been baptized to become a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ:

 · Why not become a Temple of God (a Christian) today?

 · There is no other way but His way (John 14:6,15)!

 · Humbly submit to the Lord’s commands (1 John 3:22-24, 5:1-5)?

 · Repent of your sins and be baptized to wash them all away (Acts 2:38).


A Christian is an individual who wants to serve God in a way that pleases Him, serve man in a way that leads them to God, and walks on the path that leads one day to the everlasting Temple of God and Christ. We Christians need to live our lives each moment as a Temple of God, in a way that brings glory to God. If we defile our Temple in any way without forgiveness, we will never live in the Heavenly Temple of God.


We want you to consider these things and do what God asks of you. We want to help in any way we can. Please contact us by telephone, e-mail, or by simply coming to one of our assemblies. We want to make it to the Everlasting Temple of God and our mission is to help others find that way as well!


We hope to see you next time on “Speaking the Truth in Love” in two weeks on March 17 at 8pm when we plan to focus on “The Ascension of Jesus Christ”!