Speaking the Truth in Love

Speaking the Truth in Love

Genesis Chapters 32 - 34


Verses 1-8 – Fear in Jacob. Why? He knows he wronged Esau

Verses 9-21 – Gives presents to Esau

Verses 22-32 – A test: it seems the Angel was not at full power.



Verses 1-7 – Jacob’s family meets Esau

Verses 8-16 – Pleasant interactions and departures: Esau heads south to Seir and Jacob heads to Succoth and then Shechem (see map)

Verses 17-20 – Jacob provides for family and livestock. Then goes to the City of Shechem and erects altar to “God, the God of Israel”.



Verses 1-7 – A Canaanite (Shechem son of Hamar) violates Dinah. Jacob does not respond. This is in the community he just became a member of.

Verses 8-17 – Hamar asks for Dinah and for intermarrying. Shechem offers dowry for Dinah. Sons of Jacob agree deceitfully if all are circumcised.

Verses 18-24 – Hamar and Shechem convince all to be circumcised. Note verse 18 about Shechem.

Verses 25-31 – Simeon and Levi  lead a terrible slaughter. Took all possessions and kidnapped women and children. Jacob angry because he fears being killed. Brothers justify this because of how Dinah was violated. Two wrongs do not make a right!



Jacob remembers this in Genesis 49:5-7. Lesson for us: God knows all that we do. Are you ready to face Him in judgment? We will all have to account for our lives (2 Corinthians 5:10). If you have not obeyed Jesus by believing, confessing that He is the Son of God, repenting of your sins, and being baptized to wash them away; you are not ready! Please consider this seriously. We want to help you in any way.

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