Speaking the Truth in Love

Speaking the Truth in Love

Genesis Chapters 35 through 37:11


Verses 1-7 – Jacob instructs his family to put away the foreign gods that were among them, to purify themselves, and to change their garments. Evidently the influences of the surrounding peoples had crept into his family. Today, we have worldliness all around us and we need to follow this example of Jacob and put away our idols, purify ourselves, and change our garments (1 John 2:15-171 Corinthians 6:9-11). Have you been washed in the waters of baptism? Jacob also builds another altar at El Bethel and references his dream at Bethel in Genesis 28.

Verses 8-15 – Rebekah’s nurse Deborah dies. The Bible is silent to when Rebekah died, only referring to her burial place (Genesis 49:31). God appears to Jacob and tells him that his name is to be changed as the angel had told him in Genesis 32. Jacob sets up a pillar at a place he calls Bethel.

Verses 16-20 – Rachel dies giving birth to Benjamin. Jacob sets up a pillar at her grave in what is now known as Bethlehem.

Verses 21-29 – Reuben sleeps with Bilnah his father’s concubine. This is later remembered by Jacob in Genesis 49:4. From verses 22-26 we see Jacob’s sons listed. Isaac dies at age 180 and is buried by Jacob and Esau.


Verses 1-8 – Esau’s family history, his prosperity, and his new dwelling at Mount Seir are discussed. Esau is Edom in verse 8.

Verses 9-19 – Esau’s genealogy and the chiefs of Edom

Verses 20-30 – The sons of Seir

Verses 31-39 – Kings of Edom

Verses 40-43 – The Chiefs of Edom


Verses 1-11 – Joseph’s coat of many colors, his dreams, and his brother’s envy.


In Genesis chapter 35 we read about Jacob having his family put away their foreign gods, purify themselves, and change their garments. Jesus wants us all to put away our idols; those things that are more important than God in this life (Matthew 6:24). Jesus tells us to purify ourselves by washing our sins away in baptism (Acts 22:16). Jesus wants us to keep our garments pure (1 Peter 3:14). Why does He want us to do these things? So we can be redeemed from our sins and one day be ready for the great judgment that all men and women will face. Have you been redeemed from your sins? Are you ready for the judgment day? Please consider these things. We want to help you obey the Lord right now.

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