Speaking the Truth in Love

Speaking the Truth in Love

The Good Shepherd: Staying in the Flock II (5 of 6)

Base Text: John 10:1-30


Series Introduction: Jesus describes himself as the Good Shepherd, Hebrews 13:20 describes Jesus as the Great Shepherd, 1 Peter 5:4 as the Chief Shepherd. This analogy is not new to describe God’s people; it can be seen amongst other places in the Old Testament in Jeremiah 23 and Ezekiel 34. There are many things John 10:1-30 teaches and shows us about Jesus and who are his sheep. There are also some items the passage does not teach but others have said it does. This six part series is intended to introduce you to Jesus the Good Shepherd and teach you how to become part of his loved flock! 

Tonight’s Topic Introduction: There are so many great lessons from John 10:1-30, for now let’s focus in on one lesson: Staying part of the flock of the Good Shepherd stated another way, what is the role of the sheep in the Good Shepherd’s Flock? 

Read: John 10:1-30


The Role of the Sheep of the Good Shepherd

This passage points out specific attributes of the sheep of the Good Shepherd

The Sheep of the Good Shepherd:


  • Follow the Good Shepherd (John 10:3-4a, John 10:27)
    • There are sacrifices to following the Good Shepherd (Mark 8:34,10:28)
    • There are benefits to following the Good Shepherd (John 14:1-7)
      • More on benefits next program!
    • Those who follow the Good Shepherd Love him (John 14:15)
      • You cannot love Jesus if you do not do what he says to do!
    • Those who are not the Good Shepherd’s sheep do not follow (Matthew 19:16-22)
      • Notice similarity to Mark 8:34; This rich young ruler failed to deny himself, take of his cross, and follow the Good Shepherd
  • Know the Good Shepherd’s Voice and the Good Shepherd himself (John 10:4b, John 10:14
    • You must want to hear the Good Shepherd’s voice (Luke 8:4-8)
      • His disciples heard because they wanted to hear! (Luke 8:9-15)
    • The Good Shepherd’s voice today can still be heard today (Hebrews 1:1-2)
    • The Scriptures (the whole Bible not just the red words) is the Good Shepherd’s voice
      • Inspired of God = God Breathed
      • From John 10:30 Jesus=God
      • The Scriptures are the Good Shepherd’s voice!
    • The Good Shepherd’s voice is powerful (Hebrews 4:12)
    • The Good Shepherd’s voice is inviting and not burdensome to hear and follow (Matthew 11:28-30)
  • Do not follow other voices (John 10:5

How do we become part of the flock of the Good Shepherd? 

1. Jesus is speaking to us today: Hebrews 1:1-2

2. The scriptures are inspired of God: 2 Timothy 3:16-17


Trust (believe) the Good Shepherd

1. Mark 16:16

2. Acts 10:43


Confess that Jesus is your Shepherd, he is the son of God and that he laid down his life for you

1. Romans 10:10

2. Acts 8:36-37


Stop roaming around aimlessly (repent), change your life’s direction and follow the Good Shepherd

1. Acts 2:38

2. Romans 12:1-2


Obey the Good Shepherd’s voice (be baptized and remain faithful)

1. Several previously read verses (Mark 16:16Acts 10:43-48Acts 8:36-39Acts 2:38)

2. 1 Peter 3:21


Next Lesson: Benefits of the Flock of the Good Shepherd