Speaking the Truth in Love

Speaking the Truth in Love

Standing For Truth

Have you ever had someone question your honesty about something? Maybe someone claimed you did something you did not do or that you said something that you did not say? In those cases, no matter what someone may claim or what accusation someone may make against you, the truth is still the truth. And in cases like this where you are falsely accused, you may suffer for standing for what you know is the truth.

Sometimes telling the truth is not the popular thing to do. Sometimes standing for truth is very hard. Sometimes you will suffer a lot for standing for the truth. But the truth is the truth. In the Bible we can read about people who were tempted to cave in on what they knew was the truth; but they did not.


Examples of Standing for Truth when it seemed easier to cave in


1. The Prophets and Job (Matthew 5:10-12James 5:10-12) –They may have been tempted to give in so they would not have to suffer persecution anymore. What benefit would Job have reaped if he caved in to his friends and did not stand for the truth? Do you think he would have been blessed like he was able to intercede for his friends? Notice Job 42:7-17.


2. The Blind man (John 9:18-38) – If he had said something that pleased the rulers, maybe he could have been like his parents in enjoying the benefits of fitting in and not being cast out of the synagogue. 


3. Jesus before the HP, Pilate, Council (Matthew 26:63-64Mark 14:61-62, 15:2, Luke 22:66-71, 23:3, John 18:37) – If he softened the truth and said He was not who He was, He could have avoided the cross. But no matter what anyone said, He was the Christ, the Son of God!


4. Apostles (Acts 4:7-12, 18-20, 5:19-20, 27-32, 2 Corinthians 4:7-12) – Why not just stop preaching? Wouldn't it have been easier?


5. Paul with Festus and King Agrippa (Acts 24:24-27, 26:19-32) – If Paul had simply said what they wanted and did not speak the truth, he could have been freed. Remember Paul in Galatians 2? Wouldn’t it have been easier to turn away and not confront Peter when he was to be blamed?


*What good would have come from these if they did not stand for the Truth?


These were tempted and endured suffering, to God’s glory. When Christians do the same, we will suffer and God will be glorified (James 1:12-152 Timothy 3:12). Sometimes Christians need to stand for the truth as a congregation (Revelation 2:8-11, 3:7-13). When Christians stand for truth as individuals or as a church, Jesus will always be by their side (2 Timothy 4:16-18Acts 7:55-56Acts 18:9-11Hebrews 13:5-6). Notice the connection to James 5:12. By simply standing for the Truth Christians will suffer, but God will be glorified. 


Where Do The Temptations to Soften the Truth Come From?


Sometimes it seems easier to sugar coat the truth, bend the truth, or turn our backs on the truth. Satan's temptations to stray from the truth will come from:


1. Society – They want Christians to be more accepting to other’s religious beliefs. They insist upon “political correctness” so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings.


2. Spouses – Weak spouses want Christians to compromise on the truth and lessen their dedication to the Lord. 


3. Children – When discipline is needed because children have been disobedient, parents are tempted to go soft. 


4. Employers – They tempt Christians to bend the rules to benefit the company; they tempt Christians to miss assembling with the saints; they tempt Christians to compromise our morality so everyone else can be worldly and not be uncomfortable (example of office parties). Satan uses our desires to be successful and make money to tempt us away from standing for Truth.


5. Teachers – They tempt students to fit in rather than to speak up against evolution, certain Christmas songs, worldliness, sinful behavior, etc.


6. Friends – They will tempt us to be more tolerant of their sins or the sins of others.


7. Religious people – It is sometimes tempting to soften the truth so as not to be so “narrow-minded”. Sometimes even churches will try to persuade Christians to loosen the standards of truth so that they can increase their numbers.  


8. Our self – How many times do we soften the truth because Satan gets us thinking it will be easier or better for us (James 1:12-142 Corinthians 13:5)?


Like James, Jesus also said that our yes should be yes and our no, no in Matthew 5:37. This is an easy command to understand but Satan uses all his devices to tempt us to compromise on that truth. Notice Jesus says “For whatever is more than these is from the evil one.”The truth is the truth no matter what society, family, spouses, children, teachers, friends, brethren, congregations, or even ourselves say > THERE IS ONLY ONE TRUTH. If we always stand for the Truth, we may suffer, but God will be glorified and His Will done (Romans 8:18, 28). And in the end it will work out best for us because one day we will be rewarded with eternity in Heaven. What about you? Are you standing for the truth in your life, or are you blending in with Satan's world of compromise? There is one truth and one way that leads to Heaven! It is through Jesus Christ (John 14:6). If you are not a Christian tonight, you have not been obedient to the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no better time than now to decide to follow Jesus, the way, the truth, and the life. We want to encourage all to stand for the truth and to obey the truth. We hope to see you next time (in 2 weeks), on “Speaking The Truth In Love”.