By David J. Riggs


1. What did Luke say his purpose was in writing his treatise?
2. To whom was the book addressed and which other book was
   addressed to the same person?
3. From that which was said about Zacharias and Elisabeth, what is
   involved in being "righteous before God"?
4. How many children did Zacharias and Elisabeth have before John was
5. What was Zacharias doing when the angel spoke to him?
6. What promise was given to Zacharias in answer to his prayer?
7. Which verses describe John and his work?
8. How did the angel describe himself?
9. Why was Zacharias made mute for a season?
10. Why did the people perceive that Zacharias had seen a vision?
11. Which verse states that Mary was a virgin when Gabriel appeared  
    to her, and which verse shows how she was to conceive?
12. Whose throne was Jesus to receive and how long would His kingdom
13. Since Mary would be conceiving through the Holy Spirit, by what
    title, therefore, would Jesus be called?
14. Which verse shows Mary's humility and willingness to obey?
15. Where did Mary go to visit?
16. What did the baby in Elisabeth's womb do when Mary gave          
17. What did Elisabeth say concerning Mary since she was to be the
    mother of Jesus?
18. What prophecy did Mary give concerning herself?
19. On whom does the mercy of God come from generation to
20. Which verses in Mary's song show that these things were          
    fulfilling the things spoken to Abraham and the fathers?
21. What did the neighbors and relatives want to name Elisabeth's    
22. What happened to Zacharias when the baby was named?
23. From verses 68 and 69, what did Zacharias understand the purpose 
    of the Savior's coming into the world to be?
24. Which verses in Zacharias's prophecy also spoke of deliverance   
    from enemies?
25. Is verse 79 speaking of John or is it speaking of Jesus?


26. What decree did Augustus make?
27. Why did Joseph and Mary go to Bethlehem to be enrolled (taxed)?
28. What was prophesied concerning Bethlehem?
29. What implication is there in verse 7 that Mary had other children
    after Jesus?
30. What does Jesus' lowly birth suggest?
31. Who brought the glad message to the shepherds?
32. What titles were applied by the angel to Jesus?
33. What sign did the shepherds receive?
34. What song did the heavenly host sing?
35. Where did the shepherds go?
36. To whom did the shepherds tell their story?
37. What does it mean when it says the people "wondered" while Mary
38. What did the Shepherds do upon returning?
39. Why should Jesus be circumcised?
40. To what is verse 22 referring when it mentions "the days of her
41. In view of 2:24 and Lev. 12:8, what was the financial status of  
    Joseph and Mary?
42. What is the meaning of "consolation of Israel" in verse 25?
43. What special revelation concerning his own death did Simeon have?
44. What does verse 32 reveal about the gospel of Christ?
45. What did Simeon say the child is destined (set) for many in      
46. To what did Simeon refer when he said, "Yes, a sword will pierce
    through your own soul also"?
47. Who was Anna and how old was she?
48. What did Anna likewise do?
49. In view of verse 39, why was Jesus called a Nazarene? (See also  
    Matt. 2:23)
50. What verses reveal that Jesus had extraordinary wisdom in His    
    early life?
51. Why should His parents go every year to the feast of the         
52. How old was Jesus when He went with them?
53. What happened when they started back home?
54. How long was Jesus supposedly lost before May and Joseph found
55. What did Jesus mean when He said, "I must be about my Father's
56. Did Joseph and Mary understand His answer?
57. Which verse shows that Jesus was subject to his parents in those 
    early years?
58. What is the ideal development?


59. Are the first few verses of chapter three describing the         
    beginning of John's ministry or the beginning of Jesus' ministry?
60. Who was the Roman emperor and who was the Judean governor at
    that time?
61. Who were the two high priests? Why were there two at that time?
62. What baptism did John preach?
63. What is the meaning of "baptism of repentance"?
64. From which verse in the Old Testament is the quote in verse 4    
65. What are the figures in verse 5 describing?
66. Was John successful in causing people to be baptized?
67. What were the fruits that John demanded?
68. To whom did Matthew say the words "generation of vipers" were
69. What answer was given to those who put great trust in being
    descendants of Abraham?
70. To what does the figure of the axe and the tree refer?
71. What was the one who had two coats to do?
72. What were the publicans and soldiers to do?
73. Whom did the people think John might be?
74. How did John describe the one who would come after him?
75. What is the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the baptism of fire?
76. To what ancient farming practice is verse 17 referring and to    
    what do the figures refer?
77. What word was used to describe John's preaching?
78. What reproof did John give to Herod regarding Herodius? (See     
    Matt. 14:4; Mark 6:18)
79. What other grave sin did Herod add to his evils?
80. What was seen when Jesus was baptized?
81. What did this event signify to John? (See John 1:33)
82. What was spoken from heaven?
83. How old was Jesus when He was baptized and how old would this
    make John?
84. How far back does Luke trace the genealogy of Christ?
85. How does Matthew arrange his genealogy (starting and stopping    
    with whom)?
86. Why is a listing of the genealogy important?


87. How was Jesus lead into the wilderness?
88. How long was He there, and how long did He go without food?
89. What was the first temptation as Luke lists them?
90. How did Jesus answer?
91. What did the devil show Him in the second temptation?
92. Was Satan's claim in verse 6 true?
93. What offer did the devil make to Jesus?
94. What was Jesus' answer?
95. Where did they go for the third temptation?
96. What did Satan tell Jesus to do?
97. What was Jesus' answer?
98. What did the devil do after the temptations were completed?
99. What practical lessons can we learn from the temptations?
100. In what province did Jesus begin His teaching, and what was said
     of His fame?
101. What was His custom?
102. From what Old Testament passage did He read?
103. When did He say this prophecy was fulfilled?
104. What were the people implying when they said, "Is not this
     Joseph's son"?
105. What were the people implying or wanting when they would say
     to Jesus the proverb in verse 23?
106. What did Jesus say about a prophet in his own country?
107. What was Jesus teaching by His comments in verses 25-27?
108. How did the people react to Jesus' comments?
109. Does verse 30 indicate a "miraculous" escape?
110. After the people of Nazareth rejected Jesus, where did He go?
111. Why were the people astonished at Jesus' teaching?
112. What was "a spirit of an unclean devil"? Do people have these
113. Whom did the unclean spirit claim that Jesus was?
114. What did Jesus command the demon?
115. What effect did this miracle have on those who saw it?
116. After services that Sabbath, with whom did Jesus go home?
117. What did Jesus do for Simon's mother-in-law?
118. When the sun was setting, who did they bring to Jesus?
119. Why would Jesus not allow the demons to speak as in verse 41?
120. Why did Jesus go into a deserted place? (See Mark 1:35-39)
121. What did Jesus say to the people when they asked Him to stay
     with them?


122. What addition did Luke record in this section which is not
     mentioned by Matthew and Mark? (See Matt. 4:18-22; Mark
123. What was Jesus' "speaker's platform" on this occasion?
124. From verses 3 and 10, who were the owners of the boats?
125. After the sermon, what did Jesus tell Simon to do? Why did
     Simon not want to do this?
126. What application can be made of Peter's statement, "Nevertheless
     at Your word I will let down the net"?
127. What happened when they let down the net at Jesus' word?
128. On what other occasion was this same type of miracle worked?
129. What applications can be made from Peter's actions and words in
     verse 8?
130. From verse 10, is it true that all Christians are likewise      
     fishers of men?
131. From verse 11, in what sense should men "forsake all" and       
     follow Christ today?
132. What did the man who was full of leprosy say to Jesus?
133. What is the significance of Jesus touching this man?
134. Why would Jesus charge him to tell no one?
135. Why should he show himself to the priest?
136. What is said of Jesus' fame at this time?
137. What personal application can be made of verse 16?
138. Who were the Pharisees and doctors of the law?
139. How did those who carried the man who was paralyzed
     demonstrate their faith?
140. What things in the latter part of this chapter begins to show   
     the opposition of the scribes and Pharisees?
141. Were the scribes and Pharisees guilty of faulty reasoning as    
     they asked their question in verse 21?
142. Does verse 22, and others like it, indicate divine or miraculous
     power when it says Jesus "perceived their thoughts"?
143. How did Jesus clearly demonstrate that He did indeed have the
     authority to forgive sins?
144. How does the fact that the man "took up his bed" show that the
     was fully healed?
145. What does the thought "glorifying God" in verse 25 indicate?
146. What effect should this miracle have had on the Pharisees?
147. What effect did it have on the people in general?
148. How do verses 27-29 show that Jesus called His disciples from   
     all walks of life?
149. What was the complaint of the Pharisees and how did Jesus
150. From verse 32, who are the ones who are truly included in Jesus'
     call, and who are the ones not included?
151. What is the Pharisee's complaint in verses 33-35?
152. List other passages from the New Testament which mention
153. What is Jesus teaching by His comments in verses 36-39?


154. What did the disciples of Jesus do on the Sabbath?
155. Was it actually unlawful to do as the disciples were doing?
156. Where in the Old Testament is the passage located to which      
     Jesus referred?
157. What is Jesus' point in His illustration of David?
158. What claim did Jesus make for Himself regarding the Sabbath?
159. Why were the Scribes and Pharisees closely watching Jesus at    
     this time?
160. What did Mark's account add concerning Jesus when He looked
     around at them?
161. What is the answer to Jesus' questions in verse 9?
162. What effect did this miracle have on the Scribes and Pharisees?
163. How did Jesus spend the night before He chose the twelve
164. Did Jesus call them "apostles," or is this just a term placed on
     them by men?
165. Name the twelve apostles.
166. When it says, "He came down," from where did He come down?
167. Where was Tyre and Sidon? Were they on the coast of the sea of
168. What did all the multitude seek to do?
169. What is the meaning of the term "beatitude"?
170. How many beatitudes are given here? How many did Matthew
171. What is one to do when he is reproached and persecuted for
     Jesus' sake?
172. How many "woes" are given here?
173. What does the word "consolation" mean in verse 24?
174. What did Jesus say we are to do to our enemies and those who
     mistreat us?
175. Is verse 29 teaching that we should literally turn the other    
176. What is the difference between the "cloak" and the "coat"
177. Are we to literally do those things mentioned in verse 30?
178. Which verse states the "golden rule"? In which other verse is   
     this statement found?
179. In verses 32-34, what things did Jesus mention that sinners     
     readily do?
180. What results from loving enemies, doing good, and lending,
     hoping for nothing in return?
181. To whom will the Christian be like when he does those things
     mentioned by Jesus?
182. What type of judging is, and is not, included in the statement
     "Judge not"?
183. What results from giving?
184. What is the meaning of "give into your bosom"?
185. What is the spiritual application of the blind leading the      
186. To whom shall the disciple be like when he is perfected?
187. What is the literal meaning of the word "hypocrite"?
188. What is the application of "First remove the plank from your own
189. What is the spiritual application of "Every tree is known by its
190. From what source does the mouth speak?
191. How does verse 46 refute the idea of "just call on the name of  
     the Lord to be saved" or "just accept Christ as your personal   
192. What is Jesus' main point concerning the two builders in verses


193. What was a "centurion"?
194. What was wrong with the centurion's servant?
195. What was the Jews' opinion of this centurion?
196. What was the centurion's view of himself?
197. What did the centurion imply by his statements in verse 8?
198. How many other times in the New Testament does it state that
     Jesus "marveled"?
199. What did Jesus say regarding the faith of this centurion?
200. How many children did the woman of Nain have?
201. What caused Jesus to work this miracle?
202. How many did Jesus raise from the dead as recorded in the New
203. What effect did this miracle have on the people?
204. What verse again shows the rapid spread of the fame and
     notoriety of Jesus?
205. To whom does the "him" refer in verse 18?
206. What questions did John send his disciples to ask Jesus?
207. What things did Jesus say they were to tell John?
208. What does it mean to not be offended in Jesus (verse 23)?
209. What was the purpose of Jesus' questions in verses 24-26?
210. In what respect was John "much more than a prophet"?
211. From where is the quote in verse 27 taken?
212. In what way (or ways) is the least in the kingdom greater than
213. What does it mean when it says that the people "justified God"?
214. What was the result of rejecting John's baptism? Is the same
     true today when one rejects the baptism of Christ?
215. What is Jesus' point concerning the children in the
216. As opposed to John, of what did they accuse Jesus?
217. What does verse 35 mean?
218. What did a certain Pharisee desire of Jesus? Did Jesus agree to
     his request?
219. What seems to have prompted the woman's actions?
220. What was an "alabaster box" (flask)?
221. What was the Pharisee's reasoning within himself?
222. What was the Pharisees' view regarding touching sinners?
223. What was a "creditor," and about how much was "five hundred
224. Which verse gives Jesus' question which forced Simon to draw
     the proper conclusion, and which verses make the application?
225. Which verse shows that Jesus knew the woman was sinful?
226. What reason does Jesus give as to why this woman obtained
227. What did those who sat at the table begin to reason within
228. What practical lessons and applications can be drawn from
     verses 36-50?


229. What was the main work of Jesus as He went through every city
     and village?
230. Who are those with Jesus as mentioned here by Luke?
231. What were all these people doing for Jesus as He traveled from
     place to place?
232. From verse 3, what was a "steward"?
233. What does the word "parable" mean?
234. What are the four types of soils as mentioned by Jesus?
235. Why did Jesus speak in parables?
236. What does the word "mysteries" in verse 10 mean?
237. What is the "seed" according to Luke and Matthew?
238. What does the "wayside" soil represent?
239. List some ways the devil might take away the word of God out of
     a heart.
240. What does the "rocky" soil represent?
241. What does the word "temptation" mean as used in verse 13?
242. What does the "thorny" soil represent?
243. Explain what it means to be "choked" with the things of this
244. Explain what a "noble and good heart" is.
245. What does the covering of the light represent?
246. What is the application of "letting your light shine"?
247. What does verse 17 mean? (See also Matt. 10:26-27)
248. What did both Luke and Mark say concerning one's hearing?
249. To what does having more, and losing what one seems to have,
250. In verse 19, does the word "brethren" (brothers) refer to His
     literal brothers?
251. Are we told here in Luke why Jesus' mother and brothers were
     seeking Him?
252. Who are the true mothers and brothers of Jesus?
253. Why did Jesus give commandment to go to the other side of the
     lake, as given by Matthew? (See Matt. 8:18)
254. What did Matthew and Mark add in describing the great storm?
255. What was Jesus doing as the storm began?
256. What words did the disciples use to arouse Jesus, according to
     Matthew, Mark, and Luke?
257. What did Mark say that Jesus said to the wind and the sea?
258. What did Matthew add concerning the calm?
259. In what way did the disciples have little faith?
260. What effect did this miracle have on the disciples?
261. Where did they arrive when they crossed the sea, and who met
262. Where did this man live, and how did he dress?
263. What did this man say and do when he saw Jesus?
264. What had Jesus commanded of the unclean spirit?
265. Do the terms "unclean spirits," "evil spirits," "devils," and
     "demons," as used in the Scriptures, refer to the same
266. What had the unclean spirit done to the man, as described in
     verse 29?
267. What was the name of this possessed individual, and what does
     it mean?
268. What did the demons beg Jesus not to do?
269. What did the herd of swine do after the demons entered into
270. What did those who fed the swine do after they witnessed this
     great sight?
271. In contrast to before, what was the condition of the possessed
     man after the devils left him?
272. Why did the whole multitude beseech Jesus to depart?
273. What did the possessed man now want to do, and what did Jesus
     tell him?
274. Did the man obey Jesus?
275. What lessons and practical applications can be gleaned from
     this miracle of the demon-possessed man?
276. Jesus had been driven from the country of the Gadarenes, but
     what does verse 40 show?
277. What description is given of the man Jairus, and why did he
     come to Jesus?
278. What effort had the afflicted woman made to be healed before
     she came to Jesus?
279. What did the woman do in her efforts to be healed by Jesus?
280. What was Peter's point in verse 45?
281. What did the woman do when she saw she was not hid?
282. How was Jesus using the term "daughter" in verse 48?
283. How did her faith make her whole?
284. What does "Do not trouble the Teacher" show about the faith of
     those who said it?
285. What did Jesus say to Jairus when they said his daughter was
286. What also accompanied the mourning as mentioned by Matthew?
287. What did Jesus mean when He said she was not dead, but
288. How did the people react when Jesus said she was not dead?
289. What does verse 55 show about the spirit in relation to the
     Give other verses which teach this.
290. Why would Jesus charge the parent to tell no one?


291. What did Jesus give to the twelve at this time?
292. Along with Matthew's account, what were they to preach at this
293. What were they not to take on their journey?
294. What were they to do regarding those who would not receive
295. When Herod heard of the work of Jesus, what effect did it have
     on him?
296. What were people claiming about Jesus, as to whom He was?
297. Where did Jesus take His disciples after they returned from
     peaching and healing? Why did He do this? (See Mark 6:30-31)
298. When the multitudes followed Jesus, what did He do for them?
299. What did the disciples tell Jesus to do, but what did He tell
300. In which other gospels is the feeding of the 5,000 mentioned?
301. From the other accounts, from whom did they obtain the five
     loaves and two fishes?
302. How were they placed or seated on the ground?
303. What did Jesus do before He fed the people? (See also John
     6:11) What application can we learn from this?
304. From John's account, did the people recognize that Jesus had
     worked a miracle?
305. What is the main lesson which is to be learned from the feeding
     of the 5,000?
306. Where else in the New Testament is verses 18-20 recorded?
307. From verses 18-20, whom did the people say Jesus was?
308. What great answer did Peter give concerning whom Jesus was?
309. What did Jesus plainly tell them regarding His death?
310. According to verse 23, what three things must one do to be a
     disciple of Jesus?
311. What is the meaning of saving one's life and losing one's life?
312. What will happen to those who are ashamed of Jesus and His
313. What does it mean to "see" the kingdom of God?
314. What event is recorded in verses 28-36?
315. Which disciple later spoke of this event in one of his
316. Which two men talked with Jesus, and what was the subject of
     their conversation?
317. What did Mark add as to why Peter said the things concerning
     the tabernacles?
318. What was the purpose of the transfiguration being written for
319. What miracle were the disciples unable to perform?
320. What did the father say the evil spirit had done to his son?
321. Why weren't the disciples able to cast out the evil spirit, and
     what was necessary to do so?  (See Matt. 17:19-21; Mark 9:28-29)
322. What was the reaction of the people to the miracle on this
323. What is the meaning of "sink down into your ears"?
324. Did the disciples understand Jesus' words?
325. What were the disciples disputing among themselves?
326. What visual aid did Jesus use, and what was the lesson He
327. Why did John and the other disciples forbid a man to cast out
     demons in Jesus' name?
328. What was Jesus' reply to John? How do we reconcile this with
     Matt. 12:30?
329. To what is the expression "received up" referring?
330. What is the meaning of "steadfastly set His face"?
331. Why didn't the Samaritans receive Jesus?
332. What did James and John want to do to the Samaritans for not
     receiving Jesus?
333. Explain the "manner of spirit" James and John had, and
     illustrate how this can be an evil, destructive spirit.
334. What did a certain man say to Jesus as they went in the way?
335. How did Jesus contrast Himself with the foxes and birds?
336. What did Jesus mean when He said, "let the dead bury the dead"?
337. What is Jesus teaching regarding ploughing and looking back?


338. On the second limited commission, how many did Jesus send, and
     where did He send them?
339. Suggest some reasons for sending them "two by two."
340. What did Jesus teach regarding the harvest and laborers?
341. How were they as lambs in the midst of wolves?
342. What were they forbidden to carry and do?
343. In what way would peace rest upon a house?
344. To which other individuals is the expression "the laborer is
     worthy of his hire" applied?
345. What were the seventy to teach regarding the kingdom?
346. What were they to do when not received?
347. What does the word "tolerable" mean, as used in verses 12 and
348. What point was Jesus making as He compared Chorazin,
     Bethsaida, and Capernaum to Sodom, Tyre, and Sidon?
349. In what other verses in the New Testament is the principle
     given in verse 16 found?
350. In what did the seventy rejoice; however, in what did Jesus say
     they should have rejoiced?
351. Along with verse 18, give other verses which show Jesus' defeat
     over Satan.
352. To whom has the Father revealed the things of the gospel?
353. What does the word "prudent" mean in verse 21?
354. According to verse 22, how does one learn of the Father?
355. What blessing did Jesus say His disciples had received?
356. Who had desired to see and hear the things the disciples saw
     and heard?
357. What question did a certain lawyer ask Jesus in order to test
358. How do verses 26 and 27 show that Deuteronomy is part of the
     Law, and how do John 10:34; 15:25 show that Psalms is also part
     of the Law?
359. On what two great commandments hang all the Law and the
360. What second question did the lawyer ask trying to justify
361. How did Jesus answer his question?
362. What happened to the man on the way to Jericho?
363. What did the priest and Levite do?
364. What "philosophy of life" did the various characters of the
     story of the good Samaritan seem to have?
365. What practical lessons can be learned from verses 30-37?
366. What good work did Martha do?
367. Along with verse 39, how many other verses mention Mary at
     Jesus' feet?
368. What distracted Martha, and what did she ask Jesus to do?
369. What was "that good part" chosen by Mary?


370. What did the disciples ask Jesus to teach them?
371. Should verses 2-4 be entitled "the Lord's prayer" or "the model
372. With what important address should we began our prayers?
373. Should we pray, "Your kingdom come" today?
374. Which verse in the prayer shows that we should pray for
     physical needs, and which verse shows we should pray for        
     deliverance in problems?
375. To what "temptation" is Jesus referring?
376. What did Matthew also add to the close of this prayer?
377. Should prayer today always be made in the name of Christ?
378. What does the word "importunity" (KJV) in verse 8 mean?
379. What is Jesus' point from His comments in verses 5-8?
380. What must one do to receive, find, and have things opened to
381. In what other verses in the New Testament is that which is
     revealed in verses 11-13 found?
382. Is the Holy Spirit received only by asking?
383. In verse 14, was it the demon or the man who was mute?
384. What does the term "Beelzebub" mean?
385. Concerning verse 16, what did Jesus say regarding those who
     sought after signs? (See Luke 11:29; Matt. 12:38-39)
386. In verses 17 and 18, how did Jesus prove He was not casting out
     demons by the chief of demons?
387. Is Jesus' statement in verse 17 also true of a local church?
388. What is Jesus' point in verse 19 about their sons casting out
389. If Jesus was casting out demons by the finger of God, what did
     it prove?
390. What is Jesus' point in verses 21 and 22 about the strong man?
     (See also Matt.12:28-29)
391. Is it possible to be neutral between Christ and Satan?
392. What did the unclean spirit say when he could find no resting
393. After returning to his house, what did he find and what did he
394. What is Jesus' lesson from these words about the unclean
395. What did a certain woman in the crowd say about Jesus?
396. What was Jesus' reply to her, and what does this show regarding
     those who venerate Mary today?
397. What were many people in Jesus' day seeking?
398. What sign would be given to that generation?
399. How was Jonah as sign to the Ninevites?
400. How was Jesus a sign to that generation?
401. Who would rise up in the judgment and condemn that generation?
402. In what sense would they condemn them?
403. In what other verses in the New Testament is the principle in
     verse 33 found?
404. What did Jesus mean by the eye being "single" (KJV)?
405. How does one take heed so that the light in him is not
406. Why would the Pharisee marvel because Jesus had not washed
407. To what did Jesus compare the Pharisees?
408. From verse 41, is it equally true for us to give today so that
     we, too, can be clean?
409. From verse 42, what was the error of the Pharisees.
410. Suggest some ways in which verse 42 could also be true of
     Christians today.
411. What did the Pharisees love?
412. How were the hypocrites like graves or tombs? (See also Matt.
413. What did one of the lawyers say concerning Jesus' words to the
     scribes and Pharisees?
414. What was the first thing for which Jesus placed a woe upon the
415. What was the second woe on the lawyers?
416. Were the lawyers truly honoring the prophets by building or
     rebuilding (and/or redecorating) their tombs?
417. What should they have done (concerning the deeds of their
     fathers) instead of merely building the sepulchers of the
418. What had the wisdom of God said?
419. What would be required of that generation?
420. What was the "key of knowledge" and how had they taken it
421. What does the word "vehemently" mean in verse 53?
422. What were the scribes and Pharisees seeking to do regarding
     Jesus' speech?
423. List some practical lessons that can be learned from Jesus'
     words to the scribes, Pharisees, and lawyers.


424. How many people were following Jesus at this time?
425. Of what did Jesus warn His disciples?
426. What is Jesus emphasizing in verses 2 and 3?
427. What reason did Jesus give for not fearing men?
428. Whom did Jesus solemnly warn and exhort us to fear?
429. How do verses 4 and 5 answer the materialists' teaching that
     man does not have a soul and there is no hell?
430. What is Jesus' point about the sparrows?
431. What lesson is Jesus teaching regarding the hairs of one's head
     being numbered.
432. Along with verse 8, list other verses which show what is
     involved in confessing Christ.
433. Along with verse 9, list other verses which show what is
     involved in denying Christ.
434. What contrast did Jesus make in verse 10?
435. What is the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit?
436. What do verses 11 and 12 teach regarding inspiration?
437. What was the trouble between the brothers?
438. How is the man's request connected with covetousness?
439. What does one's life not consist of?
440. What did the rich man plan to do?
441. How often did he use the personal pronouns "I" and "my"?
442. In what ways was the rich man foolish?
443. What does it mean when it says his soul will be required of
444. What would make one "rich toward God"?
445. Concerning what things did Jesus teach His disciples to "take
     no thought" ("do not worry")?
446. What is Jesus emphasizing in verse 23?
447. Is Jesus discouraging work or labor in verse 24? If not, what
     is He discouraging?
448. What does the word "stature" (KJV) mean in verse 25?
449. What is Jesus teaching (from the less to the greater) in verse
450. In what way are the lilies greater than Solomon?
451. What is Jesus' lesson in verse 28?
452. Which verse shows that the people of the world are seeking
     (with restless anxiety) all those things (food, clothing, etc.)?
453. What promise do we have if we seek the kingdom of God?
454. To which kingdom is Jesus referring in verse 32?
455. Should we sell what we have and give alms (verse 33) today?
456. To what was Jesus referring when He said, "bags which do not
     grow old"?
457. How is one's heart and one's treasure connected?
458. What is involved in having our waist girded and our lamps
459. Whom did Jesus say we should be like?
460. According to verse 37, why should we always be ready.
461. What was the second and third watch?
462. In what way will Jesus come as a thief?
463. What was Peter's question?
464. What is the meaning of the word "steward" as used in verse 42?
465. How is one a faithful and wise steward?
466. What caused the servant to begin to act wickedly and to betray
     the trust committed to him?
467. What will be done to the wicked and unfaithful servant when his
     master returns?
468. Why were the "many stripes" given to the one and "few" to the
469. Do verses 47 and 48 teach degrees of punishment? List other
     passages which either sustain or reject degrees of punishment.
470. In what sense did Jesus come to send fire on the earth?
471. To what baptism is Jesus referring in verse 50?
472. In what way would Jesus cause division?
473. To what "time" was Jesus referring when He said, "How is it
     that you do not discern this time"?
474. Along with verse 57, in what other verse or verses did Jesus
     teach men to judge righteous judgment?
475. What spiritual applications, if any, can be made from verses 58
     and 59?


476. What had Pilate done to some Galileans?
477. From verses 2-5, is one proven to be a greater sinner because
     he suffers some terrible fate?
478. List some passages which show what is involved in repentance.
479. How long did the man look for figs on his tree?
480. What did he mean when he said, "Why cumbereth it the ground?"
481. What did the keeper of the vineyard say he would do to bring
     the tree into fruit production?
482. What lessons or applications can be drawn from this parable of
     the barren fig tree?
483. How long did the woman have her infirmity?
484. Why was the ruler of the synagogue angry and what did he say?
485. How did Jesus show that the ruler of the synagogue was a
486. From whom had the affliction upon the woman come?
487. What effect did the miracles of Jesus have on the people in
488. How is the kingdom of God like a mustard seed?
489. How is the kingdom like leaven?
490. What was Jesus' answer to the question, "Are there few who are
491. From verses 25-27, for what reason will some who expect to
     enter not be able to enter?
492. To what kingdom is verse 28 referring?
493. To whom is Jesus referring (those from the east, west, etc.) in
     verse 29?
494. What is the meaning of "there are last who will be first, and
     there are first who will be last"?
495. What did the Pharisees say to Jesus at this time?
496. What was Jesus' reply to the Pharisees?
497. What is the meaning of the word "perfected" in verse 32?
498. How did Jesus illustrate His love and care for Jerusalem?
499. In what other verses did Jesus utter the same words about
500. What is the meaning of "Your house is left to you desolate"?
501. To what time or event is Jesus referring in the latter part of
     verse 35?


502. From verses 1-5, and other similar verses, why were the
     Pharisees watching Jesus closely?
503. What is the meaning of the word "dropsy" in verse 2?
504. From verse 3, did the lawyers and Pharisees think it was lawful
     to heal on the Sabbath?
505. From verse 4, and other similar verses, did Jesus perform
     miracles in the presence of His enemies?
506. What lesson is Jesus teaching the lawyers and Pharisees in
     verse 5?
507. What did Jesus notice regarding those who were invited?
508. What did Jesus instruct the guests to do?
509. Suggest some ways in which verse 11 can be applied in our
     relationship to one another in the church.
510. What instructions did Jesus give to the one who invited Him?
511. Are the Lord's instructions also applicable to Christians
512. What did one of those who sat at the table say to Jesus?
513. What is the name of the parable given in verses 16-24?
514. What were the servants to say to the many who were invited?
515. List the excuses given by those who were invited.
516. After the servant had reported the excuses, what did the master
     instruct him to do?
517. What does the word "compel" in verse 23 mean?
518. What does the tasting of the supper in verse 24 represent?
519. What does the word "hate" in verse 26 mean?
520. What does it mean to hate your own life?
521. From verse 27, what is involved in bearing one's cross?
522. What is the name that is usually given to the two illustrations
     in verses 27-33?
523. What is the application of Jesus' words regarding the builder?
524. What is the application of Jesus' words regarding the king
     going to war against another king?
525. From verse 33, what did Jesus mean when He said that one must
     forsake all that he has?
526. List other verses in the New Testament which teach lessons
     drawn from salt.
527. What did Jesus mean when He said, "It is neither fit for the
     land nor for the dunghill"?
528. What is Jesus emphasizing by the phrase, "He who has ears to
     hear, let him hear"?


529. On what grounds did the Scribes and Pharisees think it was
     wrong for Jesus to receive and eat with sinners?
530. What three parables are given in this chapter?
531. What is the similar lesson which all three parables teach?
532. What did the man do when one sheep was lost?
533. What did he do after he found it?
534. Which verse shows the application of the parable of the lost
535. Which verse shows the application of the parable of the lost
536. What did the younger son request of his father?
537. What did the boy do with that which was given him?
538. Which words well describe the "want" which came to him?
539. What is the meaning of "came to himself"?
540. What did he remember and what did he determine to do?
541. What does the joyous reception of the father represent?
542. Why did the older son become angry?
543. What did the older son tell his father about himself?
544. What did the older son say the younger son had done?
545. What was the father's reply to the older son?
546. What does the older son represent, and what applications can be
     made today?


547. What is the name of the parable given in verses 1-12?
548. What does the word "steward" mean?
549. Of what was the steward accused, and what did the master do?
550. What did the steward say he could not do?
551. What did he say to the one who owed his master a hundred
     measures of oil?
552. What did he say to the one who owed his master a hundred
     measures of wheat?
553. For what reason did he do those things mentioned in verses 5-7?
554. Why did the master commend the unjust steward?
555. From verse 8, suggest some ways in which the children in this
     world are wiser than the children of light.
556. What is the "unrighteous mammon" and how does one make
     friends by it?
557. What did Jesus mean by the expression, "they will receive you
     into everlasting habitations"?
558. From verse 10, why is it important for one to be faithful, even
     in the least things?
559. What are verses 11 and 12 teaching?
560. What will one eventually do if he tries to serve two masters?
561. Why did the Pharisees deride or scoff at Jesus when they heard
     those things?
562. What did Jesus say was an abomination in the sight of God?
563. What did Jesus mean when He said that the law and prophets
     were until John?
564. What did Jesus mean when He said, "everyone is pressing into
565. What does the word "tittle" in verse 17 mean?
566. What is said about the one who divorces (puts away) his wife
     and marries another?
567. What is said about the one who marries the one who has been
     divorced (put away)?
568. From verses 19-21, what seems to be the sin of the rich man?
569. From verse 22, what part of man is "carried by the angels" when
     one dies?
570. What is the place "Abraham's bosom"?
571. What is the place "hell" (KJV) in verse 23?
572. What request did the rich man make of Abraham?
573. From verses 22-25, list the things which show there is
     conscious existence after death.
574. What does verse 26 show regarding the passing from the one
     place to the other?
575. What was the second request of the rich man?
576. What was Abraham's reply regarding one being sent from the
577. Do verses 19-21 seem to be a parable?

578. What does the word "offenses" in verse 1 mean?
579. What does the word "millstone" in verse 2 mean?
580. Who were the "little ones," and what would be involved in
     offending them?
581. List some other verses which show that one should take heed to
582. What should one do when a brother sins against him?
583. How often should we forgive the one who repents?
584. From verse 5, through what means would the disciples' faith be
     increased, and through what means is it increased today?
585. What was Jesus' answer to the disciples' request, and what does
     it mean?
586. Would one thank his servant in those days for doing what was
587. How should we consider ourselves when we have done all that
     we have been commanded?
588. What bearing does this have on the doctrine of salvation by
     works alone?
589. On His way to Jerusalem from the North, which would Jesus pass
     through first, Samaria or Galilee?
590. What lesson does the healing of the ten lepers teach?
591. Why would the ten lepers stand "afar off"?
592. Why would Jesus say, "Go, show yourselves to the priests"?
593. What did one of the ten do when he saw he was healed?
594. What lessons or applications are involved in the question, "But
     where are the nine?"
595. From verse 19, how had his faith made him well?
596. What was Jesus revealing to the Pharisees in verses 20-21?
597. What did Jesus say His disciples would desire to see?
598. Would they be able to see those days again?
599. From verse 23, should they follow those who were claiming to
     have seen the Christ? (See also Matt. 24:23-24)
600. What is the point Jesus is making in verse 24?
601. What did Jesus say must first happen?
602. From verses 26-30, in what respect will the coming of the Son
     of man be like the days of Noah and Lot?
603. Do verses 31-37 seem to be referring to the destruction of
     Jerusalem or to the Second Coming?
604. From verse 32, what lessons can be learned by remembering Lot's
605. From verse 33, suggest some ways one could seek to save his
606. What illustrations did Jesus give to show that some will be
     taken and others left.
607. What was Jesus' point concerning the eagles (vultures)?


608. What is the name of the parable recorded in verses 1-8?
609. What should men always do instead of losing heart?
610. Was the judge a righteous person?
611. What do the words "avenge" and "adversary" in verse 3 mean?
612. Why did the judge avenge the widow?
613. Does verse 5 indicate that God answers Christians who pray
     continually because they weary Him?
614. What does the word "elect" in verse 7 mean?
615. What does the expression "though He bears long with them"
     mean in connection with prayer?
616. What does the expression "who cry day and night to Him" show
     regarding how often Christians should pray?
617. What was Jesus' point by His question in the latter part of
     verse 8?
618. Why was the second parable given?
619. What does the word "despised" in verse 9 mean?
620. How did the Pharisee pray?
621. What does the word "extortioners" in verse 11 mean?
622. What was wrong with the Pharisee's prayer in verses 11 and 12?
623. In what manner did the "tax collector" pray?
624. What were the results of the two prayers?
625. What does the word "justified" in verse 14 mean?
626. What did the disciples do when infants were brought to Jesus?
627. To whom was Jesus referring with His statement, "for of such is
     the kingdom of God"?
628. From verse 17, what does it mean to receive the kingdom of God
     as a little child?
629. What did a certain ruler ask Jesus?
630. What is Jesus showing by His comment in verse 19?
631. Regarding verse 20, why didn't Jesus command the ruler to be
     baptized in His name for remission of sins?
632. What had the ruler done from his youth?
633. What one thing did he lack?
634. Why did he become very sorrowful?
635. Concerning verse 25, why is it so difficult for a rich man to
     be saved?
636. What seems to be the thinking behind the question which was
     asked in verse 26?
637. How does verse 27 give encouragement to the rich, as well as to
638. In the context of verses 18-27, why would Peter make his
     statement in verse 28?
639. What blessings come to those who leave various things for the
     kingdom's sake?
640. To which disciples did Jesus mention that all things written in
     the prophets concerning the Son of man would be accomplished?
641. What seven things did Jesus plainly foretell concerning
642. Did they understand anything regarding those things which Jesus
643. What was the blind man doing by the wayside, and what did he
     ask when he heard the multitude?
644. What did the blind man call out to Jesus, and what did those
     going in front do?
645. What does the word "mercy" in verses 38 and 39 mean?
646. What did Jesus do for the blind man and how did he react?
647. From the other accounts, what was the blind man's name?
648. What effect did the miracle have on those who saw it?
649. What practical lessons can be drawn from the miracle of the
     blind man receiving sight?


650. Describe the man Zacchaeus.
651. Why did he climb a tree?
652. How did Zacchaeus react when Jesus said He would stay at his
     house that day?
653. What was the complaint of some who saw this?
654. What does the word "murmured" in verse 7 mean?
655. What was the resolution of Zacchaeus on that occasion?
656. From verse 9, what did Jesus mean regarding salvation and the
     expression, "because he also is a son of Abraham"?
657. In what other verses in the New Testament is that which is
     expressed in verse 10 found?
658. What practical lessons can be drawn from Jesus' stay with
659. What is the name of the parable given in verses 11-27?
660. Why was this parable given as stated by Luke?
661. From verse 12, what does the "nobleman," "far country,"
     "kingdom," and "return" represent?
662. How can we harmonize verse 12 with Dan. 7:13-14?
663. What does the word "pounds" (KJV) in verse 13 mean?
664. What was the command to the ten servants?
665. In verse 14, who do the "citizens" represent?
666. In verse 15, what does "when he returned" represent?
667. What had the first and second servants done with their pounds?
668. How were they rewarded?
669. What had the third servant done with his pound?
670. What was the third servant's reason (excuse) for doing what he
671. What does the word "austere" in verses 21 and 22 mean?
672. By what means did the nobleman judge the wicked servant?
673. From verse 26, what shall be done regarding the one "who does
     not have"?
674. What was to be done with those citizens who would not have the
     nobleman reign over them?
675. What does the verb "ascending" (KJV) in verse 218 reveal
     regarding the city of Jerusalem?
676. What mountain were they near, and why do you think it was
     called such?
677. Why did Jesus send two disciples into the village ahead of him?
678. What were they to say to the owner of the colt?
679. What saddle did they use on the colt?
680. From verse 36, why would they spread their clothes on the road?
681. According to Matthew and Mark, what else did they spread on
     the road?
682. What did the multitude of the disciples do as Jesus went down
     from the Mount of Olives?
683. Why would they call Jesus a king?
684. What did some of the Pharisees say to Jesus, and what did He
     answer them?
685. What did Jesus do when He saw the city of Jerusalem?
686. In what other passages does it mention that Jesus wept?
687. What does verse 42 indicate regarding Jerusalem?
688. From verses 43-44, state briefly what Jesus revealed would
     happen to Jerusalem.
689. To what was Jesus referring by the expression, "the time of
     your visitation"?
690. What did Jesus do when He entered the temple?
691. From what verse in the Old Testament is the quote in verse 46
692. What were the chief priests and scribes seeking to do?
693. Why were the chief priests and scribes unable to do anything at
     this time?


694. What did the rulers of the Jews ask Jesus? Was this a good
     question or an evil one?
695. What conditional request did Jesus give them? (See also Matt.
696. In what way should verse 4 be applied to all religious
     doctrines and practices?
697. Why couldn't the rulers answer Jesus' question?
698. From verse 8, how had the chief priests and scribes
     demonstrated they were unworthy of a plain answer from Jesus?
699. What is the name of the parable given in verses 9-18?
700. In verse 9, whom do the one who planted the vineyard and the
     vinedressers represent?
701. What did the vinedressers do to the servants who were sent?
702. In verse 13, who does the "beloved son" represent?
703. What did the owner of the vineyard say they would do to his
     son, but what did they actually do?
704. What would the owner of the vineyard do to those wicked
705. What is Jesus showing them by His quotation from Psalm
706. To what was Jesus referring when He said that the stone which
     falls on him will grind him to powder?
707. Did the Jewish rulers understand anything about this parable?
708. Who did the chief priests and scribes send to Jesus and how
     were they to disguise themselves?
709. What was their purpose in sending these people to Jesus?
710. What hypocritical words (words which they themselves did not
     believe) did they ascribe to Jesus?
711. Were their words about Jesus actually true?
712. What was the supposed dilemma involved in their question in
     verse 22?
713. Did Jesus use the same type of flattery toward the spies as
     they did toward Him?
714. What do the words "penny" and "superscription" (KJV) in verses
     24 mean?
715. Should we follow the same principle described in verse 25
716. What was the reaction of the spies to the words of Jesus?
717. Who were the Sadducees and what did they believe?
718. From verse 28, to what passage in the Law of Moses were they
719. What were they trying to prove by their hypothetical case and
     their question in verse 33?
720. From verses 34-36, what did Jesus plainly reveal in the first
     part of His reply regarding marriage?
721. From verses 35-36, list the things which describe those in
722. What is the point Jesus is making in the second part of His
     reply in verses 37-38?
723. What did some of the scribes say to Jesus at that time?
724. What does Luke mention regarding all questions from that point
     forward? (See also Matt. 22:46; Mark 12:34)
725. What verse from the Old Testament did Jesus quote in verses 42
     and 43?
726. What was Jesus' point by His question in verse 44?
727. To whom were the words of warning in verses 46 and 47 spoken?
728. What does the word "beware" in verse 46 mean?
729. What did the scribes desire and love?
730. Suggest some ways the scribes were devouring widows' houses.
731. For what reason did they make long prayers?
732. Does the expression "receive greater condemnation" in verse 47
     suggest that there will be degrees of punishment?


733. What did Jesus see the rich doing at that time?
734. What does the word "treasury" in verse 1 mean? (See also 2
     Kings 12:9)
735. What did the widow give, and approximately what value would it
     be in today's currency?
736. How had the widow cast in more than all?
737. As some showed Jesus the beautiful things of the temple, what
     did He reveal to them?
738. What questions did they ask Him concerning those things?
739. Concerning what did Jesus encourage them to take heed?
740. What were they to do concerning the ones who said, "I am
741. What things did Jesus say would first come to pass?
742. From verses 10 and 11, what great disturbances were to happen
     before the destruction of Jerusalem?
743. What does the word "pestilences" in verse 11 mean?
744. What things would the disciples suffer before the destruction
     of Jerusalem?
745. What does the word "testimony" in verse 13 mean?
746. How would the disciples know how to answer when they were
     brought before their adversaries?
747. By whom would some of the disciples be betrayed?
748. Is verse 17 still true of Jesus' disciples today?
749. If some of them would be killed (verse 16), how would "not a
     hair of your head shall be lost" (verse 18)?
750. What does the phrase "possess your souls" in verse 19 mean?
751. What were they to do when they saw Jerusalem surrounded by
752. What did Jesus mean when He said, "For these are the days of
753. Did Jesus indicate that the destruction of Jerusalem fulfilled
     the prophets? (See also Matt. 24:15-16)
754. Why should one not be pregnant or have nursing babies in those
755. To what does the "times of the Gentiles" refer?
756. In what would there be signs?
757. What caused men's hearts to fail?
758. Does verse 27 refer to the Second Coming?
759. To what "redemption" is verse 28 referring?
760. What is Jesus' lesson from the parable of the fig tree? (See
     also Matt. 24:32-33; Mark 13:28-29)
761. Does verse 31 refer to the establishment of the kingdom, or the
     execution of the kingdom (e.g., divine vengeance or judgment)?
762. What does verse 32 show concerning the things connected with
     the destruction of Jerusalem?
763. Will the earth pass away or will it remain forever?
764. List at least one other verse which shows that the Word of God
     will remain forever.
765. What do the words "overcharged" and "surfeiting" (KJV) in verse
     34 mean?
766. To which day is verse 34 referring when it mentions "that day"?
767. How will "that day" come on all those who dwell on earth?
768. What should we do to be accounted worthy to escape and to
     stand before the Son of man?
769. To what does "these things" in verse 36 refer?
770. Where did Jesus lodge at night during His stay at Jerusalem?


771. Regarding verse 1, which verses in the Old Testament show how
     unleavened bread was used in the Passover?
772. What were the chief priests and scribes seeking to do to Jesus?
773. What does it mean that Satan entered Judas? Does this mean that
     Satan was responsible for the betrayal and not Judas?
774. With whom did Judas confer regarding betraying Jesus?
775. What bargain did Judas make?
776. Why would Judas need to betray Jesus at all? Why didn't the
     rulers just go and take Jesus?
777. What is involved in verses 7-20?
778. In view of the final days of Jesus' life, what day of the week
     was Jesus eating this Passover with them?
779. Which apostles prepared the Passover supper?
780. How were they to find the house where the Passover was to be
781. What were they to say to the master of the house?
782. Did they find everything as Jesus had said?
783. Who were the ones eating the Passover with Jesus on this
784. Why do you think Jesus had great desire to eat this Passover
     with them?
785. When did Jesus say He would eat the bread and drink of the
     fruit of the vine again? (See Luke 22:16,18,29-30; Matt. 26:29)
786. Which verse (or verses) seems to indicate that the "one cup"
     doctrine is not taught in the New Testament?
787. From verse 19, what type of bread would they have been using?
788. What is meant by the expression, "This is my body"?
789. What did Jesus mean when He said, "This cup is the new
     covenant in my blood"?
790. What other verses in the New Testament reveal the giving of the
     Lord's supper?
791. Are the names "Eucharist" and "sacrament" proper for the Lord's
792. What did Jesus say regarding the one who would betray Him?
793. Concerning verse 22, what did Matthew and Mark add regarding
     Jesus' words about Judas? (See Matt. 26:24; Mark 14:21)
794. What did the apostles begin to inquire among themselves?
795. About what did they have strife?
796. Would Christians have those among them who would exercise
     authority over the others as the Gentiles?
797. What do the words "lordship" and "benefactors" in verse 25
798. How is one to be the "greatest" or the "chief" in the kingdom?
799. What example did Jesus set regarding these things?
800. How do verses 24-27 prove that Peter was not a Pope?
801. What does the word "temptations" (KJV) mean in verse 28?
802. To what kingdom is Jesus referring in verses 29 and 30?
803. In what sense do the apostles sit on thrones and judge?
804. At what time would they be sitting and judging? (See also Matt.
805. How did Jesus seek to prepare Peter in advance of his denial?
806. What did Peter claim he was ready to do for Jesus? Did the
     others also make this claim? (See Matt. 26:35; Mark 14:31)
807. What changes did Jesus make in His commission to the apostles?
808. What does verse 37 teach concerning prophecy?
809. What did Jesus say about their two swords?
810. What is involved in verses 39-46?
811. To what place did Jesus go after the events which occurred at
     the Passover feast?
812. For what did Jesus instruct His disciples to pray at this time?
813. For what did Jesus earnestly pray at this time?
814. Verse 41 says that Jesus "kneeled down" and prayed. What other
     positions for prayer are mentioned in the New Testament?
815. What words of Jesus exemplify that men should be more
     interested in following God's will than their own?
816. Who gave strength to Jesus during His agony in the garden?
817. How did Luke describe the sweat which fell from Jesus?
818. What did Jesus find His disciples doing at this time?
819. From verse 46, explain how prayer can prevent temptation.
820. From verses 47 and 52, who were included in the "multitude"
     who came to take Jesus, and what were they carrying with them?
     (See Matt. 26:47; Mark 14:43; John 18:3)
821. From verses 47-48, why did Judas give Jesus a kiss?
822. How does verse 48 show that Jesus knew exactly what was
823. What did the disciples say to Jesus at this time?
824. What is the name of the disciple who cut off the right ear of
     the servant of the high priest, and what was the servant's name?
     (See John 18:10)
825. What did Jesus do to the man who had lost his ear?
826. What did Jesus say to the chief priests, captains, and elders?
827. What did Jesus mean when He said, "This is your hour, and the
     power of darkness"?
828. Where did the mob first take Jesus? (See John 18:13-24)
829. Was Peter the only disciple that followed the mob? (See John
830. For what purpose was the fire kindled? (See John 18:18)
831. How do we harmonize the statement of Luke, "Peter sat among
     them" with John who said, "Peter stood with them"?
832. Regarding verse 56, what information did Mark give as to who
     this maid was? (See Mark 14:66)
833. What was Peter's first denial?
834. Does Peter's second denial seem stronger than the first, and
     the third than the second?
835. Concerning verse 58, what information did John give as to who
     this person was? (John 18:26)
836. Concerning verse 59, what did Matthew and Mark add regarding
     their words about Peter being a Galilean? (See Matt. 26:73;
     Mark 14:70)
837. What did Matthew and Mark add that Peter began to do to
     confirm his third denial? (See Matt. 26:74; Mark 14:71)
838. What were the things that sent conviction to Peter?
839. What was the sign of Peter's penitence?
840. What did the men who held Jesus do to Him?
841. What did the rulers in their council ask Jesus to tell them?
842. What was Jesus' first answer to them?
843. Regarding verse 69, along with Matt. 26:64, to what time does
     it refer when they would see Jesus on the right hand of power   
     and coming in the clouds of heaven?
844. What was Jesus' second answer to them? (See also Mark 14:62)
845. Why did they think they were able to give such a prompt answer
     in condemning Jesus to death?


846. Of what did the Jews accuse Jesus before Pilate?
847. What did they mean by saying, "We found this fellow perverting
     the nation" and what proof did they give regarding it?
848. What did Pilate ask Jesus?
849. What did Jesus mean when He said, "Thou sayest it" (KJV)?
850. What was Pilate's verdict?
851. When Pilate give his verdict, of what did the Jews fiercely
     accuse Jesus?
852. Why did Pilate send Jesus to Herod?
853. What did Herod hope to see Jesus do?
854. What did Jesus say when Herod questioned Him?
855. Did the scribes and chief priests also accuse Jesus before
856. What did Herod and his soldiers do?
857. What seems to have caused Pilate and Herod to become friends? 
858. In the second trial before Pilate, of what did Pilate say that
     he and Herod had found Jesus guilty?
859. From verse 16, what did Pilate's "chastisement" of Jesus
860. From the other accounts of the crucifixion, what else do we
     know about Barabbas? (See Matt. 27:16; Mark 15:7; John 18:40)
861. What did the mob demand that Pilate do to Jesus?
862. How many times did Pilate say he had found no cause of death in
863. What made Pilate yield?
864. What was the name of the man who was forced to bear Jesus'
     cross? What else do we know about this man? (See Mark 15:21)
865. Who were the women of verse 27 who followed weeping? (See
     Mark 15:40-41; Matt. 27:55-56)
866. For whom did Jesus tell them to weep?
867. What coming days are referred to in verses 29 and 30?
868. What is the meaning of the green tree and the dry?
869. Give a verse which shows what the criminals (malefactors KJV)
     were guilty of.
870. What is the literal meaning of the word "Calvary"?
871. Give a passage which shows that Jesus was "nailed" to the
872. What was Jesus' prayer for His murderers? Which other
     individual in the New Testament made a similar prayer as he was
873. Which passage in the Old Testament did the latter part of verse
     34 fulfill?
874. What did the rulers of the Jews do as Jesus was crucified?
875. Why would the soldiers offer Him sour wine (vinegar)?
876. What was the full title that was put on the cross, and in what
877. How can we reconcile Matthew (Matt. 27:44) with Luke
     regarding the two robbers?
878. From verse 39, what is implied in the criminal's statement, "If
     you are the Christ, save yourself and us."
879. What words of the wise criminal indicate that he had faith?
880. What or where is the place "paradise"?
881. How would you answer, "The thief was saved although he wasn't
     baptized and, thus, we don't need to be baptized to be saved"?
882. From verse 44, what hours were the sixth and ninth in our way
     of counting time?
883. Describe the "veil" which is mentioned in verse 45.
884. What were the last words of Jesus before He died?
885. What other words did Jesus speak (as recorded in all the
     Gospels) while on the cross?
886. What did the centurion say about Jesus? (See also Matt. 27:54;
     Mark 15:39)
887. Does verse 48 indicate that the people had a change of heart?
888. To whom does the expression, "all His acquaintances" refer?
889. What facts are revealed regarding the Joseph who buried the
     body of Jesus?
890. In what sense was Joseph waiting for the kingdom?
891. Concerning verse 52, how did Mark describe Joseph's approach
     to Pilate? (See Mark 15:43)
892. What facts do we know about the tomb?
893. Was there anyone else who helped Joseph in burying the body of
894. What is meant by the "Preparation" in verse 54?
895. Does Luke show that the women were eye-witnesses of the burial
     of Jesus?
896. What did the women do after they left the tomb?


897. What facts are revealed regarding which day Jesus arose?
898. How do you reconcile Matthew and Mark (Matt. 28:2; Mark
     16:5) stating there was one angel, and Luke saying there were
     two (Luke 24:4)?
899. What message did the men in shining garments give the women?
900. Did the apostles and others believe the women?
901. Who else went with Peter to the empty tomb?
902. What does the mention of the linen clothes suggest? (See also
     John 20:6-8)
903. Of what were the two disciples talking as they went to Emmaus?
904. In what sense were their eyes "holden" (KJV)?
905. What phrase in Jesus' question shows their condition of heart
     at this time?
906. Why were they astonished at His question?
907. How did the two disciples describe Jesus?
908. What did they say they trusted or hoped Jesus would do?
909. What did they say about the women who had astonished them?
910. What did Jesus say they were slow of heart to believe?
911. What did Jesus expound to them?
912. What did they constrain Jesus to do?
913. What was Jesus doing when their eyes were opened to recognize
914. What did Jesus do when the two recognized Him?
915. What caused their hearts to burn within them?
916. What did the two disciples do after seeing Jesus?
917. Was it the eleven and the others who stated the things in verse
     34, or the two from Emmaus?
918. What happened as they were all talking together?
919. Why were they so terrified?
920. What did Jesus say to prove that it was He Himself in the
921. What feelings (emotions) did the disciples have as they beheld
922. What did Jesus do in their presence which is one of the
     "infallible proofs" (Acts 1:3; 10:39-41)?
923. From verse 44, what are the three major divisions of the Old
924. What three things did Jesus open to them from the Scriptures?
925. From verse 48, can one today be a witness exactly as they were?
926. What was the "promise" in verse 49?
927. Where were they to tarry and why?
928. What was the power from on high?
929. From what place did Jesus ascend?
930. What happened as He blessed them?
931. What feelings (emotions) did the disciples have as they
     returned to Jerusalem?
932. What did Luke say they were continually doing in the temple?